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Topic: 5 I have been living in a peaceful and quiet town since I was born. All people around here are so kind, and the landscape is so beautiful that I love this town very much. Recently I heard the news that a company will set up a new factory near my community. Frankly speaking, I was shocked and my first impression towards this news is negative. A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near our community. To be frank, I have mixed emotions about this. should hold. In my opinion, the advantage in Advantages The major reason why I against this plan is, to a large extent, a new factory raises the potential of air and water pollution. It’s common that a factory will emit a lot of waste air, which is harmful to people's health. My friend told her personal experience to me: the factory in her community makes the air so dusty that she even could not open the window. Though the factory may admit or they do put into practical action to purify the air, it’s very clear that the air will not be as clean as before. Therefore people's health will be affected. To add to the problem, in many cases, a factory is a noisemaker. My community is always quiet and that is the point I love the most. But the noise a factory will make can be very troublesome. For example, every morning, we will be woken up by the noise of vehicles, which take the workers to the factory. Moreover, the noise of machines has a bad impact on our temper, which may make us susceptible to anger and easily lose temper. Furthermore, the landscape of our town will be destroyed if a factory is being built. The large-scale appropriation of farmland in recent years for housing and factory construction has rendered millions of farmers landless. Many have been given little or no compensation. Most people in this town make their living by cultivating and harvesting crops. The factory is

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