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Enhancing Work Performance and Employee Mobility In this milestone, we will address the type of tablet that will be suitable for this company and if the cloud operating system will be suitable. Tablets The Dell Inspiron Duo is the most cost effective for the company. The company also has used previous contracts with Dell. The duo offers a keyboard that snaps onto the tablet so it has a laptop appearance. The operating system that the Duo runs is Windows 7. The other devices necessary are the USB outlets and a webcam that also come standard with the Duo. The screen is 10.1” that is a little small but the average size for tablets. If the company does not go with a cloud, the Duo has a 320-gigabyte hard drive. The downfalls of this device are tat it is heavy and the battery life is only 215 minutes. The device has a port for an Ethernet plug but the capability is not there. The plus side is that the device can be used as a tablet and if one has a lot to type and edit put the device back on the dock and use the full keyboard. The downfall is that the touchscreen is not accurate, a bit frustrating but one can adept. The Acer Iconia tab W500 is another good option. The price of this tablet is a little cheaper but it only has a 32-gigbyte hard drive so the company would have to have a cloud option. The one plus of the Acer is that it comes with an Ethernet plug in, which is useful. The Acer also runs 1Ghz and has a six-hour battery life. This is a huge plus compared to the Dell Duo. Another plus for this system is that it is 2.5 pounds and has a keyboard dock station. The Acer’s operating system is Windows 7. Another plus since most programs that the company runs is windows based programs. The tablet has 2 USB ports, which is a must to plug in a CAC card reader. The Asus Eee Slate B121 has a high price tag but has the largest screen. The screen is 12.1”, it is also

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