Enhance Male Power in Slum Dog Millionaire

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Sadaf Karim English Language & Literature ‘’Compare/ contrast how the female characters in Slum dog millionaire and Romeo and Juliet are used to enhance male power’’ The theme which has been chosen is the female characters within Romeo and Juliet and Slum dog millionaire. I have chosen to focus upon the main female characters to further explain and show how they are presented throughout both plays. The screenplay in Slum dog millionaire was written for a western audience; given that it was set in India may have had an influence on how it was written as they would want to present a genuine perception to the lifestyle within the Indian slum. Therefore, the Indian viewpoint on how female characters should act can be highly important; due to their traditional roles. Females were seen as the secondary carers for the family whom socialise within the home, whereas the males where the primary providers for the family (the breadwinners) who socialised outside the home. Romeo and Juliet was written during the Renaissance period for an audience who would also have traditional values, some of these being that women were inferior to men. These opinions would have a great influence on the relationship between Romeo and Juliet, and how female characters are presented throughout the play. Furthermore, the audience from this time period would expect the males to be higher than the women. Firstly, In Slum Dog Millionaire, Latika is presented as being submissive towards the males (salim and jamal) “Salim, please-” “-chup Sali.”Salim uses Indian lexis because he is Indian; He tells her to shut up and ‘Sali’ means wife sister, it is used for insult. She sounds desperate but he still undermines her. She gets cut off by Salim showing he has power over her, and doesn’t care what she has to say. This shows that she doesn’t fight; she keeps quiet suggesting that she is scared of the
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