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In favor of entertainment and ratings, women and minority groups have been portrayed in a less than flattering position in the media. Reality television has portrayed women as gold diggers who are only after a man’s wealth rather than his affection. This type of perception has been going on for decades with shows like The Bachelor, Joe Millionaire, and Flavor of Love. The television show Joe Millionaire mocked women by getting a man with a less than desirable occupation and showcasing him as a man with millions of dollars. The purpose was to see if a woman were actually in love or seeking a relationship to change their tax bracket. When the “Joe Millionaire” revealed that he was indeed not a millionaire, the women had to choose what they felt was more important to a lasting relationship, love or money. The show was a hit for the type of people that it portrayed on the show, but when it comes to the same type of show that showcases women of color, they are showed as women that want to show their derriere and you quickly forget that these women are “looking for love”. Producers of these reality TV shows understand that while women of color aspire to be like Oprah or Michelle Obama, this does not put money in their bank accounts. Instead, producers hope those women of color live up to the stereotypes that society has placed on them; the jezebel, the mammy, or the “angry black woman”. The jezebel is classified as a woman that uses her sexual prowess as a means to get what she wants out of life, which is money, cars, clothes, designer handbags and staying in 5 star hotels. She is the type of woman that is looking for more and more from a man who has an abundance of money. The mammy stereotype is not displayed as much in reality TV but is the older African American woman who takes care of children in a domestic role. This type of role was portrayed in the movie

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