English Yoga Essay

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THE BENEFITS OF YOGA Yoga is one of the methods to connect your body and mind. Yoga is an exercise that focuses on the mind. The purpose of yoga is controlling your five senses and whole your body, with the intention of reaching unite with God. Moreover, Yoga has many benefits for all people. Because yoga is not limited by age, everyone can do yoga. Practicing yoga regularly can be good for your mind, your body, and your emotions. The first benefits of yoga, it’s for your mental. Yoga can make you develops clear thinking. You can think clearly even you were under pressure. Do yoga regularly will improve your concentration. Because we require high concentration to do many job. Therefore, we need to improve mental for daily activities. The second benefits for your physical body. Your body will be more healthy if you do yoga. Do yoga can improve blood circulation. Because yoga can spur your heart to pump blood faster. The other benefits is improve digestion. Digestion in your body will be more easier if you doing yoga. Disgestion is very important to dispose all unnecessary thing out. Do yoga make your body more stronger and flexible. Muscle in the body will be more stronger. Strong muscle can prevent disease. A healthy body needs some exercises. The third benefits is for your emotional. By yoga, it will help you feel calm and peaceful . In daily life we need calm heads to solve the problems. Another benefits, yoga can develop self confidence and then yoga can reduce fear, anger, and worry. Self confidence is the key of success. With high confidence, that show we are proud of and appreciate yourself. Yoga can improve our emotions with practicing everyday. Therefore, to build your mental, physical, and emotional health, consider practicing yoga. If you do yoga regularly your body will be more healthier. And yoga can improve your mental and control your emotions.

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