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My Journey to English W131 My very first college class was an English W131 class with Professor Leslie Mackey. I was very nervous and I didn’t really know what to expect, but I expected for a professor to look a little bit more professional. Professor Mackey did not make a very good first impression on me. When she walked into the classroom I was dumbfounded by her apparel. When she first walked through the door I thought she was a student and all I could think was, “what is this girl wearing?” She was in fact wearing a white button up shirt that was way too tight, black spandex leggings and three inch high heels. You could see her black bra and the swirly tattoos on her arms and her back through her white button up shirt. This wasn’t just my first class it was hers as well. Leslie Mackey was an inexperienced professor and it showed through her teaching strategies. Leslie Mackey’s teaching style was not very effective for me. A lot of the assignments she had us do didn’t seem like they were teaching us anything. They seemed more for her personal enjoyment. For example, I had a partner assignment with some kid named Austin who never showed up for class. We had to make a slide show about things we liked and things that were significant to us. In my slide show I put sports, animals, and my boyfriend. I received his slideshow that had pictures of family guy, a red truck, and a PlayStation 3. I had no idea how I was going to write a paper about these topics, so I emailed Professor Mackey and all she said was “This will be a tricky topic but do your best.” I did what I thought was my best on the paper but on the day of presentation Austin did not show up. This being a group project, I was not able to present without my partner and this affected my grade greatly. We had to write papers everyday but they could be about anything as long as they were five hundred words

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