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RATIONALE The extended scene has been developed to discuss Springle truanting the day before. The Deputy Principal is silenced within the play therefore this extended scene introduces an extra character to the plot. Springle is the ‘bully’ at school who befriends Emmett Rosebury an unpopular kid at school who is in a wheelchair. The stereotype of a ‘bully’ is someone who is big and teases, truants, physically and verbally abuses, the typical bad kid in the school. The purpose of this extended scene is to challenge the typical stereotype of a ‘bully’ and provide Jackson Springle with an opinion of Emmett Rosebury. The ethical issue of violence and truanting will be examined in the script. An interview has been written between the Deputy Principal and Jackson Springle. Jackson Springle has been reported to the Deputy Principal’s office due to the incident yesterday which was reported to the police. Jackson Springle is questioned however we also find another side of him. Jackson Springle enters the Deputy Principal’s office ready to be questioned as the Deputy is lounging in her chair. He is instructed to take a seat and he carelessly sits in the chair opposite to the Deputy Principal. Deputy Principal Good morning Jackson. Yesterday you attended the first two periods, however you were not present for the third period for vaccinations. Where were you? Springle I went sick at morning tea. Deputy Principal You were not signed out. Now really … where were you? Springle Okay … I was hiding down the old footy ground dunny. Deputy Principal What were you doing there when you clearly knew it was vaccination day? Springle I’ve had plenty … I didn’t need this one … I’m not going to get that Hepatitis stuff … I’m tuff … I never got sick once yet. Deputy Principal We had a report from the police that you were involved in the incident of the minor injury of a man at

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