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English Teachers With Accent In The Us Essay

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  • on March 5, 2012
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Ana R
Professor B
Fall 2011
15December 2011
English Teachers with Accent in the US

The controversy of teachers with accents in the multicultural classrooms in the United States has made the state of Arizona the first state in the nation to create many difficulties for these teachers by questioning their abilities to develop the necessary skills to teach students with limited English. “The Department of Education has told school districts that teachers with accents must not be allowed to teach English to students with limited English skills” .
Several examinations have put instructors in jeopardy to lose not only their jobs, but the credibility of their profession by making as a determinate point, the characteristic of their particular accent. Nevertheless, this is just one of the challenges a foreign English teacher has to face in the demanding nation of the U.S. Their race, gender, age, or physical appearance are some other factors that represent the day to day challenge for the instructors whose ascribed status follows them to every classroom they teach in. However, despite the accent, certified English teachers with accents are as competent as native speaker teachers because of the different qualifications they are required to fulfill for the degree in the United States, which is one of the main reasons why they are hired to teach in both public and private institutions. There is a matter of financial resources lying behind the issue of the accent of an English teacher.
In order to understand how qualified a teacher must be in the United states, it is necessary to first be familiar with the undergraduate profile of an instructor in a general point of view before starting focusing on the English educators.
According to the ESEA 2001, (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) these are some of the requirements an instructor must have in order to teach in the levels of education before mentioned, “ESEA 2001 acknowledges the important role that teacher...

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