English Springer Spaniel

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What was first bred in England and has a friendly, wagging tail? The English Springer Spaniel! However, the Springer Spaniel was said that their ancestors came from Spain. It took many years for the breed to slowly find its way to America. Springer Spaniels are medium-sized sporting dogs with a glossy coat his/her legs, ears, chest, and brisket. They are sturdily built, have gentle expressions, and have friendly, wagging tails. A male’s shoulder height is 20 inches when a female’s shoulder height is 19 inches. Weight depends on the dog’s condition. For example, a healthy male that is 20 inches would weigh 49-55 pounds. The head is fine to not be heavy, while the eyes are neither small, round, nor hard in expression. The eyes are also set deep in their sockets. The ears however, are on the side of the skull, about eye level. The skull is to be medium length, broad, flat on top, and rounded on the sides and back. The cheeks are to be flat (not rounded, full or thick). The jaws are to be able to carry game easily; lean, strong, and even. The topline slopes from withers to tail. The body to be strong and compact; the chest deep, but not so wide. The back to be straight and strong; not bent. The lions are to be strong and short; a slight arch over lions and hip bones. The hips are rounded, blending smoothly into the legs. The croup should slope to the base of the tail; tail follows the natural line to the body. The shoulders lie flat and mold into the contour of the body. The elbows are close to the body with free action from the shoulders. The forelegs should be straight with the same degree of size to foot. The knee is straight; pasterns short. The feet is to be round, slightly oval. The hip joint is set rather wide apart, when the thighs are strong, muscular. The hock joint is somewhat rounded, not sharp and small. The color of the Springer Spaniel may be black

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