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johnnyJohnny English Film Review. Johnny English, possibly the worst secret agent possible. A blundering comical Secret agent who does more harm than good to her majesty’s secret service. Johnny English (Mr Bean) first mission is to recover the crown jewels stolen by Pascal Sauvage he conjures up a fiendish plan for him to become king of England. It looks like he will succeed following a catalogue of errors from Johnny English but with a bit of luck he finds himself being on the queen’s throne and in fact him being crowned king. But seeing as the country would fall apart at the hands of English he gave the crown back to the rightful owner the queen. From the start we knew this film would be a total spoof with Rowan Atkinson playing the lead role. Also the tag line demonstrates his stupidity “He knows no fear, He knows no danger and He knows nothing” meaning he is completely clueless how dangerous the environment he is in. The writer of Johnny English is the same as the James Bond films being able to really pull of the cool classy moments in James Bond to the total change of clumsiness and embarrassment that Rowan Atkinson is associated with. The writers make the deliberate choices of him coming to save the day and then completely making a fool of his self. E.g. In the final scene when Rowan Atkinson interrupts the ceremony of Pascal Sauvage becoming king, it looks like he’s going to, “save the day” until he makes many mistakes and makes a fool of himself. The Film establishes itself in typical James Bond Fashion in giving a little teaser before the introduction music. It shows Johnny English skilfully infiltrating a restricted building he easily gets past the defences and meets a woman (a typical James Bond scene) and starts to seduce her whilst actions music is played in the background a variety of camera angles have been used also. Right from the beginning a
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