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Employment for database administrators is projected to grow 31 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 2013). The swiftness of its growth in information gathering by corporations, as well as increased need for database security measures, will contribute to the growth of this occupation (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 2013). Educational Requirements In order to become a Healthcare Systems Analyst there are three possible educational routes to take: Business Administration and Management, General, Business/Commerce, General or Organizational Leadership. The recommended major for this list is Business Administration and Management. Within this field the students is exposed to business, finance, management, economics, logistics, and marketing (MyMajor, 2013). Candidates for the Database Administration position need to have a Graduate degree in computer science. This individual is required to take the next step and earn a Master's degree in software engineering. The degree itself must be related to the professional DBA, a course or diploma in computer technology or in IT engineering, computer operating systems and languages (Education Requirements, 2013). National Wage Data According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics (2013), the average amount of money that a Healthcare Systems Analyst makes is $77,740. This amount is draw from the amount of money from a similar position computer systems analyst. Data Administrators on average make yearly wages of $72,900. The location of the position makes a difference in the amount of pay (BLS, 2010). Those individuals that chose work at facilities that create computer systems earned an average of $81,050 (BLS, 2010). Yonker’s Jobs The most crucial element in job decisions is the availability to apply for the desired position which means there

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