English Prose Horror Essay

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plan for first chapter creative piece Audience The audience for this piece would be people who enjoy reading books that are out of this world but the events in the story could happen to them. Theme (revelation) (the apocalypse) (unveiling) title The Unveiling: This is because apocalypse is derived from the Greek word apokalupsis which means an unveiling. This suggests the world and its true nature will be revealed in the story. Overview The story will follow a character called Michael. It will be his attempt to survive and find a way to be redeemed and make it to heaven. Content Opening scene- short first person monologue talking about the book of revelation. starts and finishes and finishes with "I am coming soon" in between a vivid descriptions on gods judgements on sin. (but I've not seen him yet). revelation contains unique warnings and challenges that will come to the church. and it hasn't been wrong about this part. - hiding in a room, hear voices through the wall, make a run for it, look back nobody following, -sky goes black , look up see giant creature flying overhead, describe in detail, make seem warped and battle worn, run for cover, - screeching sound echoes all around then ground starts to shake as creature landsthen dead around the creature rise -sky fills with flame, start running again get into empty house, barricade self in bathroom, -taps and showers turn on but black tar like substance comes out and fills the room with a noxious gas, pull back barricade to get out night time now, find a building with three other people and fall asleep wake up to screaming, one person ripped apart by what looks like a dog but with bones sticking out of flesh and a warped blood covered face. goes for me grab metal bar and hit to the ground then plunge bar into its skull. have weird feeling of enlightenment like gaining back a piece of

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