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English 102 Proposal Paper Assignment Assignment You are writing a 5 – 6 page paper (worth 15% of your grade) that will make a proposal argument. A proposal argument should answer the question “How should we deal with X?” by claiming that we should do X over Y, Z, etc. You must take a stand on the issue – no fence sitting allowed. You need to include all three parts of a proposal argument, namely the problem, the solution, and the justification. You will need to decide whether you are taking a local or global approach. For a local approach you will offer a course of action to solve a local or immediate problem (e.g. How can we improve the Carolina Alert system and in turn campus safety?) A global approach will offer a broad plan of action to solve a major social, economic, or political problem that affects most, if not all, of us (e.g. Should the U.S. require that all employers cover birth control in their health insurance policies?). Again, you need to include all three parts of a policy or proposal argument: the problem, the solution, and the justification. Remember, especially if you are using a local approach, that you will have to explain the importance of the issue to your audience. ***Unless you have spoken with me and made a case for your topic, you may not write on the subject you wrote your definition paper on. Research You will be expected to use at least five but no more than seven reputable sources in this paper. Wikipedia, blogs, dictionary.com, etc. are not reputable sources. Please use books, journal articles, or newspaper articles. You will be expected to document your sources properly. Please refer to the appropriate chapters in Scott Foresman as well as your notes from class if you have any questions. Rhetorical Context Your audience for this paper is readers of The New York Times. This newspaper is geared not just

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