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Dear Ms, Johnston: We believe that patients are our number one priority at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital. At our hospital we have trained our Nurses to make each patient feel at home and experience no difficulties. We want patients to remember how good of an experience they had at our hospital. We received a complaint from you saying that your father was not treated with respect and was neglected by the Nursing staff. This complaint has been shown to each of our staff members. The doctor and nurses all send their deepest sympathies. At the moment, we were experiencing a shortage of nurses, but that shouldn’t affect how we treat our patients. The level of care that your father received was not appropriate. To ensure that this doesn’t happen again we have a new policy being established towards bedside manners. In addition, the Nurses that were attending your father have been assigned to take a patient care seminar on bedside manner. We are sorry for this inconvience and we ensure you this wont happen. Best Regards, Coordinator at Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital Dear Customer Service: Our hospital, Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, wants to thank you for sending us our shipments on time. We just received a shipment of new critical care equipment. However, we noticed that the shipment is missing several key components. There has been a mix-up and we have the wrong set of equipment. The tracking number of our shipment was B#123456 and we were sent B#2468. We will be resending you the shipment that we received shortly. We would really appreciate it if the correct shipment would be sent in as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Best Regards, Dear Mr. Wegman: Subject: Deluxe Delivery I recently purchased a couch from your Franchised Store in the South Windsor Ontario region and was given a great
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