English Past-Paper 3 October-November 2006

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Dear Teachers I would like to use this opportunity to talk to you about the ‘End of examination celebration’. We all know about the tragic incident of last year’s celebrations. For this year’s celebrations, we the students would like to share you our ideas. So far right now we have came up with this brilliant idea of having an ‘American’ style Prom with the Year book CDs included. By giving us this opportunity, we the students will show you that we are capable of upholding such an event, we have came up with solutions from the last celebration, of having firstly a ‘flexible’ price, this is due to the different varieties of venues and menus that we have chosen. Secondly flexible dates, (this way the celebration won’t interfere with most of the student’s holiday vacation dates) and lastly locations. However because of some complaints as a result we have tried our best to keep this celebration memorable to both students and teachers. To prove our sensibility to you, we have come up with a policy allowing no alcohol inside the celebration that is to be supported with tight hotel security. Parents will be involved with the different connections with the different hotels while some may even support our funding by sponsoring us. We all have agreed that teachers will be invited to attend this celebration for free of charge and perhaps may help with keeping order throughout the celebration. This celebration will provide an excellent excuse for student and teacher bonding, by this we meant that teachers will be able to interact with students as young adults for the first time. By upholding this special event we will as well maintain the school’s reputation with adult supervision and hotel security, because we the students also care for the school’s reputation. If the school’s reputation becomes bad then us as the students will also feel bad about other people thinking that

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