English Paper Poetry

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Ryan Gold Ms. Nixon English 10B Pd8 2 May 2014 Friend or Foe? After days of dreary weather, the pouring rain would never cease. Tom, a twelve year-old boy, had gotten into a heated argument with his mother. Frustrated and exhausted, Tom marched up the steps and slammed the door behind him. Several minutes had passed before he had missed dinner. He was astonished when he looked over at his alarm clock to find it was midnight. Quiet and cautious, Tom tiptoed downstairs hoping to avoid his mother. With each step, the floorboards creaked and sent faint sounds throughout the house. Tom peered over the banister, making sure the coast was clear. Tom darted for the refrigerator, yet found no food left besides rotten meat and stale bread. Suddenly he remembered his mom telling him that they kept beans in the root cellar for emergencies, however, he had no disregard for this policy. His stomach was rumbling and needed to find food quickly. Carefully Tom unlatched the door and stepped out into the night breeze. The rain had drenched the ground forming pools of water every few feet. Each step, Tom could hear the swish of water and mud under his damp worn brown boots. Finally, he made it to the heavy wooden cellar door and pulled as hard as he could. After a couple of tugs, the door swung open. Tom began looking for a can of bean that he could bring back into the house, but he couldn’t find anything. The cellar was pitch black at this point; Tom was only using his sense of touch in hopes of feeling around for a metal can. Before he could find any beans, Tom ran into a cold metal door. He wondered what was on the other side of the mystery door. Light penetrated from the open cellar door and now he could see there was a small key near the enormous metal door. Tom curiously examined the small key and jammed it into the door lock. The door slowly

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