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English Paper

  • Submitted by: qtip06
  • on April 17, 2008
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As one is growing up in this world, one thing that most parents try to stress on their kids is the importance of having God in his/her life.   Kids are taught at a very young age to love and fear God at the same time, especially in the black community.   Grandparents, mostly grandmas, are also a influence amongst young children to accept God into his/her life.   Although it doesn’t have to be just them, for instance, in “Salvation” young Langston is most influenced by his aunt and Church family as a whole to be saved.   Many people are confused at the actual concept of what it means to be saved.   Some think that Jesus will come and physically take over one’s body, while others think that he/she are going to see a bright light and just feel the presence around them.
In “Salvation” young Langston was pressured to join the church and was compared to an unsaved “lamb”.   In a sense I believe that he made the right choice but in a sense I also believe that he didn’t because he lied to his family and church family.   I feel as though he was pressured just a little to hard and as a spur of the moment thing that’s why he was forced to lie because it was getting late and he must have felt deep down in his heart that he was just not going to be saved at that moment.   However, becoming an member of the church at a young age will benefit him by providing him with the positive guidance and moral support that he needs and also maybe help him to really find Jesus in his life.
As I was growing up, I wasn’t really urged by my father to join the family church because, being an Jamaican male, he didn’t have the same religion as my mom.   My mother is a Baptist just as her side of the family has been for as long as we can tell.   So it was mostly my mom and grandma who pushed me to get into the church and accept Jesus into my life.   However, my father was the role model in my life so if he didn’t feel like going to church, then I didn’t feel like going to church.   When I did go I really...

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