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My Theory These four factors are as follows: Motivation: This is an internal force within the individual that influences what activities people choose to undertake (direction) as well as how much work and effort (intensity) they are willing to expend toward that goal. It also influence a person’s willingness to not give up (persistence) Ability: This refers to both the natural talent that someone has in any given area as well as skills that they may have learned. Role perception: It is how well a person understands the tasks that they are responsible for and expected to perform. This means that a person must clearly know what is in their job description, where their priorities should lie and preferred behavior within the organization. Situational Factors: These are external factors and conditions that occur beyond a person’s control. My experience learning how to play pool I recently started learning to play pool at one of the local places that offer group learning for the sport. I will therefore apply the MARS model to discuss my performance in this area. Motivation It was my goal to become an intermediate level play in this sport within 8 months after starting as a complete beginner. In my mind this meant that I would be able to direct the ball as I wanted, barring any trick shots. I should have complete control over the direction and force that I exert on the balls. In order to accomplish this goal Ability Pool requires an understanding of simple geometry that is normally taught in mathematics or physics. It is very much a game of angles. Fortunately for me I am very good at mathematics and so I naturally understand the general direction and force needed to direct the balls to where I want them to go. I also can sustain my focus on what I am doing and block out distractions which is necessary when playing in a crowded place. Role Perception I am

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