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English Homework The environmental factors and the experiences I had with a person had a strong effect on my personality. Some things I have experienced influenced me and later contributed to changing and shaping my personality. The person, my best friend, had interacted with me in such a way that my reactions to the same scenarios were changed throughout time. A part of my personality that developed through such scenarios was the factor of voicing an opinion and having fun while overlooking the environment At the end of elementary school and the beginning of middle school there was a great pressure to fit in and be liked my the majority. I like many others, wanted to be a part of the crowd, any part of the crowd as long as I didn’t stand alone. I tried to fit in but then eventually noticed that at one thing or another I was different. My sense of humor was different and I was socially awkward. One of my best friends influenced me greatly, I didn’t realize it at the moment but now I see how some of my traits resemble her’s and also the significance of her company. She was daring, carefree, and impulsive, in fact I am not aware of how we even became friends in the first place. I had seen many like her in middle school but she was different in the sense that she understood me, if I hadn’t been her friend she would have been the “bad” kid that I would have stayed away from. We had similar family problems and laughed at the same things, and we both thought that we were the funniest people on earth. In 6th grade I was shy, unconfident, and sensitive. I wouldn’t stand up for myself and neither did I know how to. I was unable to stop myself from getting hurt and I wanted to be unnoticed when out in public. Vorda, my daring best friend, always had many intense ghetto stories to share. I got used to her impulsiveness but never knew it would change me. The change took

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