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WORKSHEET – UNIT 12 MODAL AUXILIARY VERBS Task 1 –Answer the questions on page 4 of the unit. i) May I use your phone ii) You must take an english course iii) You could see a doctor about that cut on your arm iv) You don't have to use that door v) I will be at your house by 6 o'clock vi) It must be Sally vii) It can't be Mike viii) He had to go home ix) Each student must have a health certificate – Differrent because it is definite, whereas question (ii) was advisory x) I've got to go – Prebooked, somewhere to be I have to go – Out of time of unspecified reason I should go – Leaving is important but not absolutely necessary I'm supposed to go – Expected somewhere but not necessarily interested I'd better go – Not leaving may have an unfortunate outcome I'd rather go – Not enjoying current circumstances Task 2 – Summarize what you learned when answering the questions on page 4. Modal auxilliary verbs can control not only the meaning of a sentence but they can also control the power of that sentence too. Task 3 – Identify the usage of each of the following modal verbs and give two activate stage teaching ideas for each, making sure that each teaching idea matches the usage of the example sentence. None of the teaching ideas should be the same: a) May I use your toilet? Usage: Polite request Formal permission Less than 50% certainty Activate activities: a. Organise a roleplay with a waiter and a diner in a restaurant b. Charades – students each receive an question and must act it out b) Mathew might come to see you later. Usages: Much less than 50% certainty Rare polight requests Activate activities: a. Chinese whispers – everyone sits in a circle and one person starts with 'Matthew might come to see you later', it is then whispered around the circle until it comes back to the first person b.

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