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English Oral Outline- Monstrosity & Heroism Georgia Knight-Vrolijken 1) Topic: Specify what your topic is. Is it about a hero? Monster? The influence of Disney movies. For children they are fun heroic movies but actually Disney movies have a bad influence on the younger generation by exposing them to subliminal messages, racist values, sexist thoughts and ideas, and bad morals. 2) Choice of Creative Representation and Rationale: A- What? Create a statement of purpose or belief based on your topic and how it relates to class materials (To Kill a Mockingbird, Frankenstein, Amazing Grace, Macbeth or any other resources presented throughout the year) Everyone has watched Disney movies or still do, but most people don’t see the hidden messages that these movies are sending out to there viewers. This relates to TKAM, were everyone just followed along with society and discriminated the black people, and believed others. This is like the influence of a Disney movie on a child, they will see all these “beautiful” or “macho” men and only see one side of society. It also relates to Frankenstein, because the bad people may appear good and the good people can appear as bad, like how Victor Frankenstein seemed the innocent one when he was actually the bad person. B- How? How will you go about creating your representation? What tools will you need? Make sure that it is realistic (given the amount of time that you have), imaginative, and creative I will be making a poster/collage. With photos. C- Why? Explain how your representation links to your topic and your statement of purpose. Explain your personal connection to the topic and the representation you created I wil have a photo of a childs head in the middle, then with one side all the Disney photos of princesses and princes etc, and on the other said more of the outside world and the “bad”

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