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Visual Literacy Use of Language and Visual techniques Visual Features ➢ Colour ➢ Font ➢ Image ➢ Graphics ➢ Size ➢ Layout Text Features (Persuasive Language Techniques) ➢ Use of statistics, quotations from experts and facts ➢ Emotive words ➢ Rhetorical questions ➢ Repetition ➢ Colloquial language ➢ Technical jargon ➢ Imperatives or direct commands ➢ Exaggeration, hyperbole ➢ Adjectives ➢ Appeal to authority ➢ Call to action ➢ Puns ➢ Elipses ➢ Logo Image of film Camera Angles Lighting, include colour, filters, tone Allusions and inter-textuality Sound – digetic and non digetic Symbolism Editing SFX. Special effects Text- What is the purpose? -To Encourage -To Persuade -To Instruct -To amuse -To Entertain -To Raise Awareness Pun- using a word or words that have more than one meaning – play on words Imagery- The use of vivid description in sensory words, to create pictures or images in the reader’s minds. Idiom- an expression that has a different meaning to its individuals words E.g. It’s raining cats and dogs Assonance- the repetition of the vowel sound in two or more words. E.g. don’t squeeze the cheese please Personification – giving human qualities, feelings, actions, or characteristics to inmate (nonliving) objects Alliteration- the repetition of the first consonant on two or more words Hyperbole- An exaggeration or overstatement without being taken literally Onomatopoeia- words that imitate the sound or noise of the objects or actions to which they refer. Colloquial –relating to conversation, conversational, informal etc. Cliché - a time-worn phrase used to explain thought or feeling.

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