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English Media Essay

  • Submitted by: joedog
  • on May 3, 2012
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Joseph McCormack
English media coursework
I am going to be exploring the front pages of each article, we can see that some papers have similarities, and others contrast. For example the Daily mirror and The Sun are similar using pictures and uneven layout to attract the reader but, on the other hand The Times and The Independent, use a more formal layout to attract the reader.
First I am going to explore the Sun and the Mirror, these are the two tabloid papers that I am going to explore, and these two papers are similar in every aspect of their front page. Both papers seem to have the same intention on their front page, they are trying to put across the message that this is a major incident and that Alistair Darling and his officials have made a big mistake. Through the graphology on both papers we are shown a picture, of Darling looking rather tired and worn out which they will use to their advantage to put across the message that he is worn out and not the man for the job. Both papers use little detail when trying to tell the reader about the incident, instead the page is taken up with large writing and pictures and leaves only a little paragraph at the bottom to explain, that the officials have lost lots of peoples personal details. There is not much detail when both papers are explaining what happened but they do use some numbers to give us an idea of how big the crisis is, they explain that 25 million people could be affected. Both articles continue to explain the situation in more detail with their leader article. Both articles give a negative attitude towards the situation, but the Sun also gives a comical side to the argument with its headline of the situation, “skip to the loo my darling”, in my opinion quite a pointless statement but others could find amusing.
The next two papers I am going to explore are completely different to the Sun and Mirror, some would say the Times and Independent are more intellectual newspapers compared to the Sun and Mirror...

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