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A HISTORY OF ENGLISH-LANGUAGE LITERATURE prilojna.lingvistika.pu@abv.bg 2013-2014 1. (GB) The Old English Period 450-1066. 2. (GB) The Middle English Period 1066-1500. 3. (GB) The Renaissance 1 (1500-1660): The Early Tudor Age, the Elizabethan Age. 4. (GB) The Renaissance 2 (1500-1660): The Jacobean Age; (US) 17-18th Century: The Colonial Period. 5. (GB) The Renaissance 3 (1500-1660): The Caroline Age, The Commonwealth Period. 6. (GB) The Neoclassical Period 1 (1660-1785): The Restoration. 7. (GB) The Neoclassical Period 2 (1660-1785): The Augustan Age and the Age of Sensibility; (US) The Revolutionary Age. 8. (GB) The Romantic Period; (US) The Early National Period. 9. (GB) The Victorian Period 1; (US) The Romantic Period. 10. (GB) The Victorian Period 2: Aestheticism and Decadence; (US) The Realistic Period. 11. (GB) The 20th Century 1: The Edwardian Period; (US) The Naturalistic Period. 12. (GB) The 20th Century 2: The Georgian Period; (US) The American Modernist Period. 13. (GB) The 20th Century 3: The Modern Period; (US) The Contemporary Period 1: 1950s - Beat Writers. 14. (GB) The 20th Century 4: The Postmodern Period; (US) The Contemporary Period 2: 1960s-70s – Counterculture. 15. (US) Multi-Ethnic Literature: Native American, African-American, and Asian American Writers. Fall 2013-Spring 2014 Lecturer: Dr. Atanas Manchorov A HISTORY OF LITERATURE IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE BIBLIOGRAPHY I. Anthologies Greenblatt, S. et al., ed. The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Middle Ages through the Restoration and the Eighteenth Century. Vol. 1. New York: Norton, 1986. Print. Greenblatt, S. et al., ed. The Norton Anthology of English Literature. The Romantic Period Through the Twentieth Century. Vol. 2. 8th ed. New York:

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