English Language In Business Essay

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Mind Relief Manuscript Dawning of a New Day A day in which your mind is rested and at peace. You awaken energized and ready for anything. Jerry Stocking Mind Relief Manuscript by Jerry Stocking Editors: Josh Sarver John Morgan Jamie Shuali Moose Ear Press PO Box 2422 Clarkesville, GA 30523 (706.754.7540) e-mail: wayne@achoiceexperience.org www.jerrystocking.com Copyright © 2011 Jerry Stocking Please feel free to print or distribute this book with the intention of providing Mind Relief to anyone and everyone. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction!1 Is it Really Your Mind?!5 You are a Hostage!10 Welcome to Earth!22 The Hidden Powers of Your Mind!34 Returning to Your Senses.!52 Observing Responses!62 Time to play !73 Rediscovering Your Mind!88 Mind Relief Manuscript by the mind advocate: Jerry Stocking Introduction Your mind is still the most powerful super computer on the planet. But You aren’t using it to compute the trajectory of comets or computing derivatives or possibilities. You don’t break code with your mind or track terrorists or manage millions of airplane flights. You aren’t using it to win Jeopardy or chess. Your mind is being used to compare cereals at the grocery store and to try and win arguments with people you love. It is being used to text and accumulate endless web data. I suggest to you that the power of your mind it is being wasted. A mind wasted is a mind that is prone to mischief. An idle mind gets into trouble. It focuses on things that may never happen and worries about them. It endlessly replays the past boring you half to death. You are walking down the street innocently and you see an ice cream shop. Your mind says, “You need an ice cream cone right about now.” You, believing your mind, begin to imagine ::: 2 ::: how nice a cone would be; you ponder what flavor you might have and how terribly good it would

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