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There is no doubt that the English language has accomplished a high status in the world. It has become the mother tongue of millions of people, exists in many countries, taught to millions of children in schools and is the primary language used for global communication and international relations. Due to its rise, English as been described as an imperial language, meaning other languages cannot compete against it and will eventually die as a result. This essay will briefly discuss the history of English, its position as a global language and analyse the benefits and consequences of English as an imperial language. The English language has developed throughout history and continues to develop with time. Over the centuries, a number of other languages such as Latin, Greek, French and Italian have influenced the English language (Hale & Basides, 2013). The English language was initially developed from Germanic branches. Throughout the 5th Century, the Germanic tribes that included the Saxons, Frisians, Angles, and Jutes came to the British Isles from different parts of Germany and Denmark (Hale & Basides, 2013). These tribes forced most of the Celtic-speaking inhabitants out from England and the new language became dominant. The Saxons, Angles and Jutes mixed their different Germanic dialects and this group of dialect forms became known as Old English. In England, the introduction of Christianity allowed more Latin words to enter the English language and for the first time, English was written (Hale & Basides, 2013). English entered a new phase referred to as Middle English as the use of Old English returned but incorporated many French words. Modern English developed after a distinct change in pronunciation whereby vowels were being pronounced in shorter forms (Kayman, 2004). By the sixteenth century, many people around the world were in

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