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If my middle school friends knew that I started a blog that I'm writing it in English they would be pretty surprised ... Why you may ask ? The truth is : now I love the English language it's one of my favourite languages and I realized that I read so much articles, blogs in English and not so much in French... When I was 13 I told one of my friends that I would prefer to learn each language of each country I would be travelling to than learn English. That's true, when I was a teenager, I didn't like the English language. I thought it was an ugly language that wasn't useful except for fake singers and rappers... When I began to learn English in 8th grade I had too much different teachers that I can only say that in my first two years of learning I didn't learn too much English I learnt to adapt to different teachers who had different ways to teach. Actually it's not at school that I learnt English. I learnt English while reading Harry Potter (thanks J.K. Rowling) watching series and reading jewish blogs and I soon discovered that I loved the English language. Why ? Here is a quick list : * I love Engish because I can talk to strangers. If I didn't speak Engish I couldn't have communicated with my chinese partner * I love English because the English literature is so rich and it's great to be able to read Harry Potter without having to wait the french translation * I love English because I can watch all the series I want and don't need subtitles * I love English because it allows me to travel almost everywhere * I love English because it makes me discover new websites and new personalities from the jewish world, especially the american jewish world * I love English because it's a beautiful language that I would like to study

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