English Is A Proto-Indo-European Language Essay

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English is a Proto-Indo-European Language The English language is the result of at least seven millennia of evolution in the spoken and later, written word. It is approximated that the Proto-Indo-European mother language came into existence at least seven thousand years ago and that English is descended from the Germanic branch of this family of languages. The true geographic origin of the Proto-Indo-European language is uncertain, as its dispersal occurred so early in history. Proto-Indo-European is believed to have originated in an area between northern Europe and southern Russian as early as the fifth millennium B.C.E. The early Indo-Europeans who spoke this language are linked to the Kurgan culture which occupied an area northwest of the Caucasus and north of the Caspian Sea. The Kurgan culture was made up of herders and light farmers and was semi-nomadic but stayed within a central area. The Kurgans lived in mostly organized fortified hilltop settlements and in small surrounding villages. Many of their words came from the elements of their everyday lives and represented ordinary objects and daily activities. Many of these words formed the basis of English words that are in use today and serve as clues to the origin of the English language. These words include names of trees and animals that were indigenous to the area that the Kurgans occupied. This evidence coupled with a lack of words for certain objects like ocean and the names of non-indigenous flora serve to help identify the area where the Proto-Indo-European language developed. This evidence indicates that the culture was probably located inland and because there are no words of Proto-Indo-European lineage for flora of the Asiatic and Mediterranean areas, the general area where the language developed has been surmised to encompass an area between northern Europe and southern Russia. It is from

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