English in Workplace Essay

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My research talks about the use and importance of English workplace: Communication has enabled mankind to progress and become advanced societies. Highly specialized skills, advances in technology, amazing inventions, spectacular breakthroughs in arts and sciences have limited value UNLESS it is communicated effectively to its intended audience and communicated precisely for specific purposes. Communication is very important not only for smooth running of a business enterprise but it is also equally, if not more, important for the success and growth of individual executives and professionals. In the age of globalization, communication is of paramount importance. The lack of proper communication skills creates barriers and distortion leading to miscommunication and breakdown in meaning which can have some very negative repercussions for any company or business set-up. English has been cited as the major language of international business. It is the most wide spread language in the world. Thus, English has become a major international language for worldwide communication. Proficiency in English is a mandatory requirement for any professional working in a global business environment. While professions may vary, the need to be proficient in English is a basic skill for any global worker. For example, the professional jargon used by a Computer programmer differs greatly from that of a physician BUT both professionals need to have a good command of the English language in their own fields. A deficiency in this area may result in barrier for the employee's professional and personal development. In the corporate world, English is used for international communication, top management meetings and high level negotiations. English is the preferred language for internal and external communication inter and intra companies worldwide. Employers expect the workforce to
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