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English Homework II Question 1: What is the main proposition being advanced by the researchers? The researchers say that traditional brainstorming methods are the enemy of every business that wants to create or develop an innovate product. A traditional team process might create a lot of ideas. A hybrid process however would result in more ideas and also a better idea quality, which is the important thing for businesses. Question 2: What is their main concern in relation to the outcome of innovation? In innovation it is important to get one or two really good ideas, not 20 good ones. Using a hybrid process therefore would be better for companies that want to create innovative products. Question 3: What was the purpose of the experiment? The purpose of the experiment was to test both the hybrid process and the team process and how they result in an idea finding process. To figure this out, students were divided into several groups and should come up with a new product concept for a fitness product. Then the results of the different groups using a different process would be evaluated and compared. Question 4: What were the evaluation criteria? The ideas that the students came up with were evaluated by three separate panels and several criteria. They rated the business value, the attractiveness to potential customers and the overall quality based on the feasibility of actually building the product. Furthermore the panel evaluated the originality of the idea, the size of the potential market and the extend to which it solved a particular problem. So the evaluation criteria were set very widely. Question 5: What were the results? The results showed that the hybrid method overall scored better. Those teams had a better average idea quality, and also produced about 3 times more ideas than the traditional team process. Question 6: What are the alleged

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