English Homework Essay

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A social-networking site is an online place where a user can create their own personal profile to start meeting new people and building their own network. Through the years, social-networking sites has become a phenomenon and has attracted tens of millions of users. Statistics show that nearly 73% of teens age of 12-17 years use social-networking sites. With the improvement of these sites, more and more youths create profiles in their virtual social life. Some may say that social-networking sites allows youths to practice their freedom. However, youths should not be allowed to use social-networking sites because they are exposed to danger and they're wasting tremendous amount of time online. First of all , youths should not use social-networking sites because it exposes them to harm. For example, youths would be vulnerable to cyber-bullying. This is especially dangerous to emotionally weak teenagers who have to go through cyber-bullying through social-networking sites. More and more teens commit suicide each year because of bullying that goes on through social-networking sites. Another danger from social-networking sites is that teenagers might meet detrimental people. They will be open to harassment and they could be endangered of being kidnapped. Also, teens are very defenseless against being lured into doing and making bad choices. This is really critical to teens lives because it may become the start to a misleading life for teens. Therefore, social-networking sites bring more danger than good. Secondly, youths should not use social-networking sites because it is a huge waste of time. Youths especially in Middle School and High School are expected to study hard for school but social-networking sites consume their last opportunity to work hard. The time they put into social-networking could be time they put into their studies and homework. So obviously,

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