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Christopher's Crusade. Introduction. Betrayal is a thing that happens to many people. It causes hate, regret and the need for revenge... But for some, it can be a long awaited opportunity. For Christopher Matthews it was. Christopher was an angry dejected outcast who was desperate for love and affection. At school he wasn't the brightest child and was often the most bullied person in his class. This naturally made Christopher an antagonistic boy. It was slowly destroying his sanity and he just needed a spark for his mind to crack. But in our story Christopher is not the villain but is the hero! Middle It was the early hours of the morning and a piercing ray of white light woke up our unlikely hero. The damaged hut was freakishly quiet and tranquil. Christopher opened his eyes to a red sunrise. In the distance was the famous Mt.Amazonouz, and Christopher was very please (for once!) to see the sun. “You know, for once I feel happy and confident about myself and maybe today (just today!) will be the start of something new.” Christopher went to lay his aged oak bed and put on the small furnace to heat up his hut. It was now 9 o'clock and Christopher realised Aberystwyth’s local market would be getting full so he quickly got dressed into his tunic and travelled a fair distance to the market. As Christopher predicted the market was already serving customers. “Blast the best Potatoes will be gone if I don't scurry across right now!” So Christopher quickly scurried into the hectic atmosphere of the Aberystwyth Market. As eccentric as Christopher was he examined each potato to make sure they weren't growing anything strange and many citizens stared as he grabbed each potato with such force that some dropped onto the floor. Having finally found some potatoes Christopher went to the wheat stall but in the distance Christopher heard an anxious voice. “I
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