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STREET ART UNIT 1 Skills focus : Speaking, Reading and writing Objective : to express the opinions,interrupt, agree and disagree Grammar : Adverbial clause of reason Vocabulary : N : grafitti, pillar, surroundings, vandalism V : ban, damage, disregard, mess up, reduce, resent Adj : dynamic, gross, intriguing, sophisticated, weird Adverb : permanently Expressions : * In my opinion ... * I think ... * From my point of view ... * I agree * You’re right * I don’t think so * I’m afraid I have to/must disagree * Maybe/perhaps but ... * Umm ... /excuse me/wait a minute Can I just say one thing? / can I ask/say something? A. Starting Out A.1. Talk about the pictures with a friend. Which one do you like? Why? A.2. Read and discuss Grafitti is writing or drawing with the use of aerosol spray and paints on surface s that are open to the public eye like walls and pillars. Some people consider it as an art that emphasizes dynamic youth but others regard it as a form vandalism and thus, an illegal act. Many people see grafitti as an intriguing and sophisticated style of painting, but others resent it because some of the drawings are gross and improper. In addition, grafitti pratictitioner often disregard people’s properties and owner’s right. What do you think? A.3. Work in groups of three. Fill in the speech bubbles. Choose one of the expressions from each box. A. * In my opinion, it’s beautiful. * I think that’s really unusual. B. * You’re right. * Yeah ... I agree * Maybe, but to me, it looks weird. * Oh , I don’t think so C. * Wait a minute. But aren’t these things just messing up the surroundings. * Umm, can I just say one thing? A.4.

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