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When I was asked to write this essay for our English Advance final to reflect on ourselves through the year I thought “oh great just another boring essay saying I deserve and A”. As I was pre-writing I was really thinking to myself “do I deserve an A?” I have not really came up with an answer to that question, until now. I do think I deserve and A not because I did well on my work, and paid attention, but because I really understand now why they make us take English, and why they make us do have the work we do in school. They do not make us take this class, because they just feel like it, but it really does teach you something. I have came so far in this class not only did my brain but me as a whole. Before I get on and tell you why I deserve the grade, I just want to thank you Mr.Takch for being a excellent teacher. My first day of my high school career was a little bit of a blur to me. One specific thing I can remember is not wanting to go to my 7th period which was English 9 advance. Not because I did not like the teacher, or cause I did not like English, but because I did not read the summer reading we had to the Iliad. From the moment I first cracked open that huge five hundred ninety two page book I knew this class was not going to be easy. Then one day we had a kind of an unexpected twist, Mrs. Straub was leaving for her pregnancy and a new teacher was coming in. I had to thoughts in the back of my head a) this is going to be a piece of cake for the rest of the year, a teacher that does not know anything or b) we are going to have the hardest teacher we ever had. As the weeks and days went by with our new teacher I noticed he was neither of those things easy or tough. Mr. tkach has taught our class so much I could not even fit it all into a five paragraph essay. I have noticed through all of our projects not one is the same. We have had all different

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