English Extension Additional Material - Romanticism - Pride and Prejudice; 2005 Film

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Additional Material 2 ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (2005 film) – Joe Wright * What features make it a Romantic text Many events and characters imply and suggest romantic ideals are prominent in this film. They are constantly portrayed through the beautiful use of setting. The film was filmed in several locations across the England UK, mainly in Derbyshire and Kent, where the scenery highlights the value of nature. The opening shot is an extreme long shot showing the scenery of Derbyshire. This scene showing Elizabeth standing on the rocky outcrop, is set at Stanage Edge, a dramatic gritstone formation north of Hathersage. The use of an establishing shot sets up the film, foreshadowing key themes and values of the film. The use of nature in the setting links to the Pantheistic viewpoint that all nature is sublime and has been created by God the one true domain. The constant emphasis on nature’s beauty draws out the romantic perspectives of the two main characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. Gentle music plays in the background of natural sounds including a bird chirping. Piano playing is heard and gradually crescendos as the opening scene progresses. This shows further insight into the context, a popular past-time in the romantic period. Frequent scenes show Elizabeth walking through fields or surrounded by nature, these reiterate the romantic value; the importance of nature and nature’s act as a solace. Nature also acts as an inspiration to Elizabeth, causing her to reflect on and reaffirm her romantic values; the value of nature and emotion over reason. Scenes that reflect saddened moods of characters or upsetting events that have taken place often use nature to emphasise the emotions of the character, creating sympathy for viewers. Storms in particular are used to heighten the negativity of scenes. Rain enforces the intensity of Mr Darcy’s forward actions to

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