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Todays work couple poems from first part and couple poems from last part for podcast find poems about relations, past and future find 2 poems that have every aspect of search for identity while listening to the podcast, take notes for the podcast don't ever start a body paragraph with a quote Essay Sample It universally recognised that an individual’s true identity is shaped through positive and negative experiences and relationships. The renowned Australian composer Steven Herrick in his verse novel ‘By the River’ skillfully demonstrates how the protagonist Harry forms his true identity through both positive and negative experiences using poetic techniques. Furthermore, in the podcast, the main speaker Teo is able to expertly use oral and literary techniques to highlight how his identity is shaped through positive experiences and relationships only. Option B Body Paragraphs: In the poem ‘Six Years Old’, Herrick continues to use first person narration to show how positive experiences can shape Harry’s identity through a negative events of his mother’s death. Herrick effectively uses first person and cumulative listing to show the skills Harry gains through cooking lessons taught by his father as seen in the quote: “I could cook at the age of seven. My dad taught me - egg, steak, vegetable…” The audience is able to immediately form an image of Harry’s true identity through his positive experience. SImilarly, the main speaker Teo in the podcast demonstrates to his listeners how both positive relationships and experiences can significantly shape someone’s identity. It is through Teo’s “male bonding” experience on the Kokoda Track with Barry Kelly that his new sense of identity and what is means to be an Australian is formed. The most prevalent example of this is when he introduces the audience to Barry

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