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How does Tennyson use the story of Ulysses to explore issues of universal concern? Ulysses is the Myth of the young king who left as boy and came back as a king after fighting in a war for 10 years and traveling and exploring making him the symbol of deception and courage. in the poem Tennyson uses the myth to display the ideas of for-filling the last remaining time on earth to the fullest. ‘It little profits that an idle King,’. Tennyson may be using this line to question society and the role that men play within families. Ulysses feels he has to live up the the countries expectations by fighting in war and leaving his family to defend his county. Tennyson could be using this to highlight the role of men supplying for his family. it was the mans job to go to work, to receive a income then leading to him supplying for his family. Tennyson felt that the male and female roles in society were too firm and didn’t allow freedom for them to choose their own paths. when the poem would of been published Tennyson would not of been able to directly question society so he needed to underline this theme so that it meant people would still support him. ‘Life piled on life’ is also used by Tennyson to highlight that we should cherish our lives while we have them. He also feels we should live life to the fullest and not sit around while we can venture. This could also be a question of society or of the time that Tennyson wrote the poem. as said before he couldn’t freely speak his mind so had a make it an underlying theme throughout the poem. however, if the poem was written in present day this line may not have to of been written as in the 21st century people are more open to explore and other countries and cutlers are easy to access. i also feel that this is written towards females more as they had less opportunities to live their lives how they would of wanted too. ‘i

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