English Essay- Romeo and Juliet Love Doesn't Guarantee Happiness

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In the play Romeo and Juliet, love was portrayed as romantic or lustful but never guaranteed happiness. Most characters either had a misfortunate love, where the love was both not returned and gone wrong, or the love that was lost in death. The play didn’t portray your typical love story; where by two people meet, fall in love, and see that love through. Instead the love that played out involved death between two star-crossed lovers. They loved each other so much, that they would die for each other. Although these two characters loved each other it didn’t guarantee happiness, for their love was forbidden and impossible before it ever began. The characters in the play that had misfortunate love were Romeo, Juliet, and Paris. Romeo had two loves, romantically, in this play. His love for Rosaline which was not returned therefore resulted in a depression. For example, in act 1, scene 1 Romeo was acting melancholy and moping around or sitting under a sycamore tree feeling sorry for himself. Then there was also, love at first sight. When Romeo first saw Juliet, he instantly fell in love with her. Even love couldn’t keep these two lovers together. They obviously felt their love was worth risking their lives for, but it didn’t guarantee their happiness. Since love just wasn’t enough to ensure they had a happy ending. Juliet was an innocent girl that was not even fourteen years of age. She fell in love with Romeo who was eighteen and a Montague, her family’s enemy. She was yet to understand the meaning of love but seeing Romeo; she instantly fell in love with him but she must have been confused and thrilled at the same time. Even though they loved each other they still had to face many challenges. That including keeping their relationship a secret from her family. Their love was destined to be an unhappy one which caused her to separate from her family when she refused
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