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The significance of how women, enslavement, or folklore is revealed within Wide Sargasso Sea. Wide Sargasso Sea is written by Jean Rhys, a Dominican novelist, in 1966, after the law of slavery has been lifted. The book narrates the life of the protagonist, a young girl named Antoinette, whose childhood to adulthood is seen as a catastrophe. Although Antoinette is a white Creole, she often forgets that she lives in a black Creole society. Throughout her life one would notice a pattern that shows the young girl developing the same signs of madness (within the marriage) in her adulthood that she had seen from her mother when she was eleven. It is important to mention that these tensions arouse after the 1833 Emancipation Act has been put into place, which may have been a main factor that caused frictions between the whites and the blacks residing in the early nineteenth century in British owned Jamaica. The decree of the Emancipation freed the blacks who were residing with the United States, not including those who were fighting on the Union side in states that were bordered or those in already in Union control in southern regions. This Proclamation was declared by the U.S. President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. The act of enslavement arises in many forms on numerous events throughout the book. Antoinette’s mother, Annette, (who is a white Creole) has trouble mixing in with the Creole people on the island. Annette comes from Martinique, a French colony, whereas Jamaica was an English colony. The mentality of both females- Annette and Antoinette- do not have the same racist understandings as the other whites on the island do. They give lenience and respect when it’s due to their servants. This is contrary to what the Annette’s husband does. He doesn’t trust the servants working for them during their stay in the honeymoon house, and takes his stress out on one of
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