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The themes: The theme of the history, is about the way that a disease can ruin a family, an tear it apart. Characterization of Andrew: Andrew was suffering from a serious disease, he survived, but he became an imbecile. But one day the real Andrew comes back, he just pops into his own head an become himself again. Andres is a quite calm man, he doesn’t go crazy when he wakes up one day and 5 years of his life has passed by, he just takes it nice and calm. Example: “You been a good boy tonight, Andy?” she cooed approvingly, addressing his lower half. “What?” She carried on instinctively, before she’d had a chance to decode the sound he’d made. “Not poo’d the bed?” 2S “I should hope not,” he said. “What do you think I am’ She stared at him openmouthed, stuck for an answer. Then she ran away. It must be confusing to wake up after so long and se your family, and just other people in general look at you the way they would look at an imbecile, look at yourself and realize that you are 5 years older, and your hair is turning grey. It says a lot about Andrew that he doesn’t seem more affected by the situation. He seems to be really clear about the situation, he knows what he wants, and he knows what to do. He goes home to meet his family again, they aren’t very exited to see him again, but he understands that, in the evening they all watch television as the family they used to be, and then they go to sleep. Around 2 a clock Andrew stands up and leaves. It seems that he is very clear about that that is what he wants, he hasn’t got any second regrets. Example: At about 2:45 by the sange new alarm clock on his side of the bed; Andrew got out and put on his dressing gown and slippers. Carefully making his way through the black corridor in case he tripped on foreign junk, he finished up in the living room, trying to look out through the gauzy curtains. It

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