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Mother Holle Summary of story (page 207-210 Grimms fairytales) A window had daughters one was pretty and hardworking and one was ugly and lazy. The mother loved the ugly one more and made the pretty one do all the housework. She had to spin every morning at the well. So much that her fingers used to bleed. One day she dropped the spindle in the well, while trying to wash blood of it, she ran and told her mum what happened only to bet a scolding and to be told to get it out the well. Not knowing how to she threw herself into the well to fetch the spindle. When she awoke she was in a beautiful meadow, she walked to a cottage where bread was baking, she took the bread out the oven so that it doesn’t burn. She walked further on and came to a tree with ripe apples she shook the apples of the tree. She then came to a cottage where as old women lived, mother Holle. She was asked to be mother Holle’s maid and agreed. She worked well for her and was well fed by mother Holle. But one day she longed to go home and told mother Holle. Mother Holle led her through a door, where gold rained on her and a fairy dressed her in a gold dress and gave her the spindle. She was then led out another door which led to her mothers house. She arrived home the cock cried out “our golden lady’s come home again” and was welcomed by her mother due to her wealth. Her mother wanted the same wealth for her other daughter so she made her sit by the well and spin till she bleed, she was lazy so put her hand in a thorn bush tried to wash blood of the spindle like her sister did and dropped it in, she threw herself into the well. She landed in the meadow, followed the same path was too lazy to take bread out the oven, didn’t want to get hurt by shaking the apples of the tree but agreed to work for Mother Holle. She was too lazy and mother Holle sent her away. Dirty water rained on her and was told

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