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English Essay

  • Submitted by: awagner18
  • on November 26, 2013
  • Category: English
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Andrea Wagner
Mrs. Goetz
English 96: College Prep English II
20 September 2013
Gain Original with Clean boost vs. Baking soda liquid detergent with Oxi
Freshness!! In their advertisement, Gain Original with Clean Boost, they use the baking soda liquid detergent with Oxi in their ad to show just how good their product is and how well it works. Their goal is to target families that may have busy kids and jobs. By using the strategies family fun, put downs and facts, Gain is able to successfully create a well-played commercial for their ad to catch their intended viewer’s eye!
First, Gain focuses on the family fun factor of their advertisement. They use a home environment with a husband and wife. The husband grabs the baking soda liquid detergent with Oxi for freshness but has to use more to get the same freshness and cleanness as Gain original with clean boost. While the wife goes and grabs a bottle of Gain original with clean boost and only fills the cap to get the unlimited freshness and cleanness just by using less.
Second, Gain uses put downs.   While using just a cup of Gain original with clean boost there is just as much freshness to go around then in a whole bottle of the baking soda liquid detergent with Oxi. So why go buy the other leading laundry detergent brands when you can get the same freshness PLUS clean boost with using less when you buy Gain original with clean boost!
Lastly, they use facts ant statistics to prove their product. When you hear there is something that has 20% more cleaning power, get stains out more powerfully and quickly with more long lasting freshness by using less than the other leading laundry detergent brands, people are all up for it, so then after seeing the commercial they will go out and buy the product, not knowing if it really works of not.

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