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Taking a Stand During this semester we read books and articles about what people valued, and thought what was right, and stood up during their good and bad days. Deo in Strength in What Remains, by Tracey Kidder, faced many adventures to create a health clinic in Burundi to save his people from illness. We read about Trials of Bidder 70, by Abe Streep and how DeChristopher stood up for what he believed was right for the environment. We read Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking, and how rapid cognition, and quick decision making got Deo and DeChristopher to where they are now. I will talk about how Deo, and DeChristopher’s morals, and goals were somewhat similar, the Wacpack, and villagehealthworks.org, and how quick decision making factored into their lives. Tim DeChristopher and Deo had goals and moral perspective on issues that impacted the world, and they each did what they thought was right. Deo’s goals were to make sure he can get a career and help Burundi out with medicine. He wanted to save his people in Burundi by building a medicine clinic. In the end Deo achieved his goals by creating a clinic in Burundi to help his people. What TSA people thought of Deo was that he was not going to make it in the US. “How much money did he have? Two hundred dollars, Deo said with pride. The cash had been a gift from Jean.” (10) In Burundi $200 was a lot of money to have. In the US that wouldn’t let you stay in a hotel room. You can tell that the TSA people were laughing at him from how much money he brought, and that he couldn’t speak English. Deo’s background is that he was a poor African American from Burundi where a war was raging on between two tribes. He soon got on a plane for a first time to go to America so he could get a job, and an education to help his fellow people in Burundi. Once he got to the US he was lost, and didn’t speak any English. He

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