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WIND GENERATOR INTRODUCTION It is important for the human race to find sources of limitless and inexhaustible sources of energy. While many people are supportive of wind energy conservation, others are apathetic. Those who are apathetic about wind energy conservation, though, are typically not enthusiastic supporters of any sort of energy conservation. Wind power has been used since early history by mariners for sailing boats on rivers and lakes and then ships at sea. Since the early recorded history it has been used by numerous cultures and civilizations. Windmill is a machine that converts wind into useful energy . This energy is derived from the force of wind acting on oblique blades or sails that radiate from a shaft . The turning shaft may be connected to machinery used to perform such work as milling grain , pumping water , or generating electricity . When the shaft is connected to a load , such as a pump , the device is typically called a windmill . When it is used to generate electricity , it is known as a wind turbine generator. Its future success will depend on setting its footing on solid and realistic science and engineering and away from unrealistic dreams of perpetual motion machines and unbridled romanticism. Windmills and water driven mills were the only power generators for over 1,200 years predating the 18th century Industrial Revolution. They existed in antiquity in Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia and China. In the 7th century BC, king Hammurabi of Babylonia implemented a plan to irrigate the fertile plains of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers using vertical axis machines. In the 3rd century BC, Hero of Alexandria, Egypt built a 4 blades horizontal axis machine to power a musical organ with compressed air. Wind energy conversion has been reinvented many times in human history and is undergoing a new process of

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