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English Entermedia Essay

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  • on October 7, 2013
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19. Different meanings of adverbs particles
1 We use adverb particles like back away to make a verb “stronger”:
Instead of: Drink your milk
We can say: Drink up your milk. Up strengthens the meaning of drink
2 Note how these adverb particles strengthen the verbs
Away (disappear)       put away your books
Away       cut away the branch
Back         pay back the money

Write: use particles after these verbs to make your own sentences
1 (put): after the lesson we put away our books
2 (cut): the doctor advised him to cut back on drinking.
3 (pay): I know I must pay away our money
4 (push): They want push the crowd back
5 (burn): Before the parking we burn the fence down
6 (pull): Why don’t you pull it up?
7 (drink): He likes you to drink up you coffee.
8 (put): Please put it up.
9 (eat): We eat up you dinner.

19.2 Position of the adverb particle
1 When the object is a noun, we can put the particle:
Before the object: We put away (particle) our books (noun object).
After the object: We put our books. We put our books away.
2 A pronoun object must always come before the particle
I put it away (Not *I put away it*). I put them away. (No *I put away them*).

Change the word order in these sentences only where possible
1 After the lesson we put away our books: after the lesson we put our books away
2 I know I must pay the money back: I Know I must pay back the money.
3 They burnt the house down.   The burnt down the house.
4 please put them back on the shelf. Please put it back on the shelf.
5 I want you drink up your milk.
6 Why don’t you pick it up? Why don’t you pick up it?
7 Put your umbrella up. Put up your umbrella
8 Put it up. Put up it.
9 Eat up you dinner!

18.1 ‘ There’s a lot of bread’ ‘There’s a lot’
Some quantity words always take of when we use them before a noun or pronoun-
We don’t use of when there is no noun...

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