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Mason Rue May 8, 2015 Is Facebook to Blame Have you or your child (if you have one) ever been cyber bullied on Facebook because of a post? If you answered yes then this information is for you. I strongly believe that parents should be monitoring their children while on Facebook for many different reasons. Most cyber bullying happens on Facebook, even though it happens on other sites as well. When a kid is cyber bullied it can be devastating to them, and there have been many cases of kids who have committed suicide over being cyber bullied. It’s not Facebooks fault if your kids are cyber bullied because of a post, but there is a button on Facebook that allows you to report the post to the administration who can remove the post all together. Over 25% of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or on the Internet. If you think that’s not a lot then think about the fact that 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyber threats online. If your neighborhood had thirty houses in it then that would make ten of those households be ones that have a child that is living with the fear that a bully is going to do something to hurt them or their family. I believe that it all could be prevented if parents monitored their kid’s activities while on the internet. I also believe Parents should monitor there children’s cell phone texts as well. It is important a parent knows who their child is associating with, and what activities they are involved in. If you still think that it’s not a problem or its Facebooks fault then I didn’t tell you that the statistics above weren’t just in the US this includes all over in the UK, Russia, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and many other places. Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying. Well over half of young people do not tell their

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