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Labour Day is a Dreaded Bell in the Schoolyard of the Mind In this short piece, Harry Bruce briefly explains the dread that he feels when Labour Day comes around. He constantly compares the good memories of his summer opposed to the negative things that he wishes to avoid. Being a student no longer pleases Bruce seeing how he has developed an anxiety towards the start of every school year. Within the first paragraph, Bruce mentions, “All this would end.” While talking about his experiences during this two month break. With his morbid sense of understanding he expresses his endless hatred and neglect towards the day that is known as “Labour Day”. Many times throughout this piece Bruce uses repetition to emphasize his mood and to show the importance of the words he is saying. This illustrates how he is not just an angry person since he does enjoy the little things in life as well - Labour Day is just not one of them. “Labour Day was like a sniff of the woods or a glimpse of the sea before they lead you down to the dungeon.” As stated in the introductory paragraph, is a perfect example of how Bruce feels about this day. This simile expresses how summer is such a lovely experience for him that can easily be ripped away without the slightest notice. Although Labour Day is annually around the same time each year, there is still never enough notice for Bruce. Although, the reader will feel compassion for him when reading seeing how it is an exaggeration of how horrible the day truly is to him. Bruce uses many balanced sentences during this piece as well by putting many of his memories into a sentence to contrast them with other bad memories of school in order to get his point across. “Is that tree

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