English Comparison Essay

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Brittany Howell Professor Tymon ENG 242- 01 17 February 2015 These two photo have a lot in common. Both photos could be represented with lust. The picture on the left can be interpreted as lustful because they are painting naked men and woman. The photo on the right is considered lustful because the young man is tempted by the woman, who at the time were seen as lustful. Both photos are rich in an art perspective. The photo on the left is of actually artists. The photo on the right is rich for art because the colors and how they are portrayed. Both photos show deep emotions. The photo on the left shows the emotion of the artists as well as the subject they are painting. Some of them look pained and depressed while others look curious. The subject looks slightly embarrassed but is showing pride. The photo on the right shows confusion by the ladies and triumph by the man. It also shows curiosity of the younger boy. In both photos the women are doing rare things. The photo on the left contains a few select females painting alongside a mostly male-dominate class. The photo on the right has a woman playing cards with men. Even though they were made different times they both show that women were living in a male-dominate culture. Rarely, rarely comest thou, Spirit of Delight! Wherefore hast thou left me now many a day and night? Many a weary night and day ‘Tis since thou art fled away. How shall ever one like me win thee back again? With the joyous and the free Thou wilt scoff at pain. Spirit false! Thou hast forgot All but those who need thee not. As a lizard with the shade Of a trembling leaf, Thou with sorrow art dismayed; Even the sighs of grief Reproach thee, that thou art not near, And reproach thou wilt not her. Let me set my mournful ditty to a merry measure; Thou wilt never come for pity, Thou wilt come for pleasure; Pity then will cut away those
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