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Erica Rogers Reflecting on Literature Eng125: Journey into Literature Instructor: Susan Hagner February 13, 2012 When reading different works of literature, there are many ways to perceive what you are reading. One such way would be incorporate the usage of key literary devices. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the term literary device is defined as “can be everything that the artist-writer uses with particular artistic intentions. There are many things to take into account, when considering what literary device is present in the story, poem, and any form of literature you may be reading. Some such literary devices that can be used by the author are: (According to our textbook, Journey into Literature by R. Wayne Clugston, it is defined as the mood or attitude reflected in literary work; it is important in identifying how the author approaches a subject and conveys it to readers. “), rhythm according to our textbooks, Journey into Literature by R. Wayne Clugston, it is defined as “recognizable pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry, which may recur in a poem.”), There are also a dozen of other literary devices that can be used to grab the readers attention or leave specific impression. The short story being analyzed is “Country Lovers” by Nadine Gordimer (1975). In this story, the author tells a story of forbidden love on a South African farm. The author uses many similes and metaphors to describe the forbidden love of an inter-racial couple. Their love is forbidden due to racism and social class. The author (Nadine Gordimer) makes you as the reader want to continue to read more about this forbidden love. Page 1 I chose this to focus on the story of two lovers who were thrown apart by their time. Who had to hide their affairs from their

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