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756 words Short story - "come to me coldly" Stimulus Text - Mikhail Bulgakovs "The Blizzard" It is late November, a bitter morning. Work has been called off again. The snow arrived a week ago and the snow has now built up over all entrances of the office block due to the unfortunate locating at the bottom of Northwood Hills. It would have taken far too long to get from Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn after all. I remember waiting up last night for an occurrence, but I found once again that I was the problem of my own false hope. I cannot go out today. There is no one to see, or speak to. Another irrelevant day, or am I trying to justify my own issues? I cannot figure out if it is me or them, so I'll brush it off and wait to face it all tonight. I refuse to label my emotions as I do not understand them myself. They are an insignificant part of me, I frequently tell myself. My subconscious mind tells me differently. Here we are again, around the same time every night. It is the night that initiates the sentiments as the night is full of enigma. Only now I wonder what they would say to me, if they would help me out, or if they would do what they do best and walk far away. I tend to lean towards the idea they do not care. I have always been a negative theorist and I aware of that, but recently I feel myself becoming someone I never used to be, I am disordered and my mind is in two worlds which is an intimidating place to be when I was once certain of who I was. Why do I care? Or is this me not caring, for I never used to care. 45 years gone without. Every day spent oblivious to what repercussions this could have had, but the most significant part is that they have not had effects until now. My life is not hectic, no, but lately it seems to have calmed down dramatically. It is like I have always gone to the lengths of making sure I have not got the time to be in touch

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